Portable Demonstration Box

With the price of tablet PC and touch screens are getting cheaper and cheaper, we think it is a good idea that using tablet PC as a host to control our USB products with user friendly interface, which allow users can build their own system which following advantages: small, easy to use, cheap, and even can be portable. Welcome to contact us to get farther information or discuss with cooperation issue.

  System components

  • USB 16 Photo Isolator Input/Relay Output Board x 1
  • Tablet PC x 1 as Control host
  • Portable Power Supply

  Output ( and power )

  • Cord color
    • Black : GND
    • Red : +5V
    • Yellow : +12V
    • Green : LED input


  • Cord color
    • Black : GND
    • Purple : Switch Output

  What is the concept about this?

  • Tablet PC
  • It is a hot topic and can run Windows or Linux.

    With our device, user doesn’t need to install any driver, and just simply plug the USB connector to control the device. User can build his own system with a Tablet PC and for sure, it will be cheaper and cheaper in the future.

  • Iconic control
  • With touch panel, user can design iconic control interface to connect our devices to control their system. It provides a easy way to control and friendly user interface to interactive.

  • Portable Power Supply
  • It can supply the power for not only USB device but also host PC, which can allow user to build a portable device with our USB products.

Test Software & Sample Code
Device Utility Application

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